Paradise Valley Community Services

Mission statement: “Bringing Hope to Our Community”

Paradise Valley Community Services has been bringing hope to our community since 1904. For many years we have given away food and clothing to those in need in the San Diego community, but during the most recent recession as we saw the need growing we stepped up our assistance to our community until today we are giving out over 9,000 pounds of food and over 400 pieces of clothing each week to those who are less fortunate in San Diego.

Through our food ministry we discovered pockets of refugees who were particularly vulnerable and suffering and decided that they needed much more than just food and clothing. Thus in 2011 we started our Refugee Assimilation Project (RAP) teaching English and job skills five days a week to some of the 125,000 refugees currently living in San Diego. We have chosen to target particularly the pre-literate population and to keep our classes small so that we can give personal attention to those who so desperately need it.

As part of our job training skills in November 2011 we opened the P. V. Thrift Store as a job training site for refugees. We employee 2-3 refugees at a time to work alongside our volunteers in the thrift store for 6-9 months, then help them get regular employment in the community. This has helped many of our students to be able to get off of welfare and to become productive citizens in their community.

We discovered that depression was a serious issue in the refugee community and so we started a community garden to give them opportunity to get out and grow the foods they were accustomed to growing back home. This has helped with the depression, and also has provided them with important foods for their families.

We are delighted to be partnering with Friendship Mission International, True Light Mission International, and International Children’s Relief Fund to establish a network we are calling “Friendships For Hope;” with the goal of expanding our services to not only the refugees but many more of the poor in our community. This will include a state of the art child development center in our facility, expanding our thrift store, and improving and strengthening our educational ministry to our community. We will be conducting “Health Expose” in various languages, and together we will continuing to explore ways of expanding our services and bring hope to our community.


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2015 Annual Report Summary
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"Paradise Valley Community Services has been bringing hope to our community since 1904."